Welcome to Ladybug Acres

The Ladybug Acres name was inspired by my cousin Starr. She was visiting one spring and just loved the garden. It reminded her of how much she had enjoyed her own garden years before on Salt Spring Island. She would send items with ladybug motifs - like notes and fridge magnets. ... soon we started calling the garden Ladybug Acres. It has grown since then. We experiment with plants that attract beneficial bugs, companion planting and have tiny test plots for the field.

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The beginning .......... 2001
Ladybug Acres - summer of 2006

Food For Thought:
Some people make their own bodies a lifetime work of art. It's too small a surface to be worthy of that much attention; and anyway, for the last 30 or even 40 years of the owner's life, it's a work of art whose aesthetics steadily diminish. Some make their homes and apartments lifetime works of art. The house at least endures. But again there is not enough scope. When it's all furnished and remodelled, there is not much left but dusting and cleaning. A farm, on the other hand, can keep on changing and getting more beautiful for a thousand years. A farm is, in fact, an immortal work of art.
Noel Perrin

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Trying to attract beneficial birds
A favorite food of birds fall & winter
The butterfly garden consists of milkweed, black-eyed susans,cosmos,daisys,zinnas & cornflowers.
Beneficial bugs and birds are important. Having an undisturbed area with upside down flowerpots are a good habitat for spiders and ground beetles. Planting perennials like anise hyssop and golden marguerites encourage butterflies, ladybugs and other helpful insects.
To learn more about benefical plants and animals - click here.
Anise Hyssop
Summer Savoy
Scented Stock
Sweet Peas

Herbal Bath Mix
These herbs are associated with purification and cleansing.
2 tsp organic oats
7 basil leaves
3 bay leaves
3 sprigs of oregano
1 sprig tarragon
oinch of rock salt
thread to secure
Pile the herbs in the centre of the muslin square, then add the oats. Top with the rock or sea salt, pick up the corners of the muslin and tie with thread. Hang the sachet from the bath tap so that the water iis infused with the essence of the mixture

Greek Oregano




Farmscaping includes green manures, interplanting, shelterbelts and more..... click here for more information